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The Spanish trans-revolution threatens to fill children with hormones

The Church, pro-life organisations and family associations are sounding the alarm as the Spanish government adopts the draft Act on Real and Effective Transgender Equality and guarantees the rights of LGBTI people on "gender reassignment" in the registers of minors.


The bill stipulates that it will be possible to “change” the name and gender from the age of fourteen without the need to undergo a medical, psychological examination, prior hormone treatment or a court procedure. From the age of fourteen to sixteen, minors will need the consent of their parents or guardians. However, from the age of sixteen to “sex change” in the civil register, it is enough to have an ID card and a declaration of perceived gender incompatibility with the physical one. After three months, the person concerned must repeat the application, and the administration has one month to issue a decision. The “gender reassignment” process will only take four months.

The law also stipulates that children from twelve to fourteen need court approval, and children under the age of twelve will only be able to change their first name in the documents, but not their gender. Interestingly, if the process of “gender reassignment” is fully facilitated, it will be much more difficult to return to the record gender when someone concludes that they have made a mistake. The act then provides for legal action in such circumstances.


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