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Three suspects released after dancing on Armenian church gate


Three men were detained in their homes after videos circulated of them dancing on top of a large gate to an Armenian Church in Istanbul. Video footage shows a large crowd gathered in the streets, reportedly protesting a COVID-19-related ban on music after midnight. The men were released approximately 48 hours later, with two placed on probation.


International Christian Concern reports that Armenians and Christians in Turkey expressed their outrage and hurt by the men’s treatment of the place of worship. Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun also commented “those who have committed this disrespectful act will be held accountable before the law. Our nation will not give credit to such provocations, just like they never have”.

Altun also recently commented on YouTube’s removal of his speech over hate speech violations against Armenians. He condemned YouTube’s removal of the video, calling it hypocrisy. Yet now, Erdogan’s Communication Director seeks to place Turkey above criticism of Armenians.

Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party also released a statement claiming, “our civilization never tolerates insulting or mocking acts at places of worship”. 

Source: International Christian Concern

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