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A dozen parishes robbed and desecrated in the DRC

Amid electoral and ethnic tensions, a dozen Catholic parishes in the diocese of Mbuji-Mayi in Kasai, Demorcatic Republic of Congo, suffered theft of liturgical objects and acts of desecration, denounces the bishop, Bishop Bernard-Emmanuel Kasanda. .


“According to this head of the diocese, liturgical ornaments, sacred objects, statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary, tabernacles or even the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar have been regularly stolen by ill-intentioned men for nearly four months. A dozen parishes including the cathedral have already been victims of these abominations“, indicates the site Actualité.cd

In his message, the bishop asks the authorities to cooperate in locating the perpetrators of the desecrations and the stolen objects:

I therefore ask all administrative, military, police and customary authorities, each as far as it is concerned, to secure and protect all our parish churches and all their property. May they help us to find and recover all these objects of worship taken (tabernacles, sacred vessels, stones and altar cloths, ciboriums, furniture and statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary) and that the culprits be prosecuted before the Courts and Tribunals to undergo the rigor of the Law. The canonical legislation of our Church condemns with the utmost energy these acts of profanation and provides for very severe sanctions against whoever commits them.”


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