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Christians killed by jihadists during curfew imposed by Nigerian government

Seventeen-year-old Timothy Dauda, a Christian farmer in central Nigeria’s Miango district, sits on a hospital bed with a gunshot wound in his forearm.


On the 17th of August, in his village of Tafi-gana North-West of Jos, Plateau state, five of his tribesmen were killed by men wielding AK-47s and machetes.

The gunmen, identified as jihadist Fulani herders, attacked Dauda’s community, as well as several others, during curfew hours imposed by the state government.

“I don’t know how the Fulani went out to attack during the curfew hours” Ezekiel Bini, president of the Irigwe Youth Movement told an ICC contact in Jos. “They killed eleven of my people and dfour are missing from four communities during the curfew hours.”

“The Four college students went missing onthe 18th of August ,” said Bini. “They were trekking to school for their final exams. We searched for their corpses, but we couldn’t find them.”

An eyewitness of the abduction, Rikwe Jacob, told ICC that four Fulani militants pointed a gun on her before kidnapping the four boys. “The Fulani said I should allow them to go with the boys or kill me, I reported it to the police, but we didn’t see them again.”

Ezekiel Wambe, a politician from the ruling party of All Progressive Party in the county, Identified the four missing students as: Ize Danladi (23), Ahmadu Tokyo (25), GyaTokyoo (22), Emmanuel Weyi (22). Three miles from the kidnapping, another Christian farmer was killed on his farm at Dong, Jos North Local Government area.

On the 20th of August, an additional two women were killed after their farms harvest. “Yes, two women went to the farm and they were killed- four narrowly escaped death,” Ezekiel Bini told ICC. “They are Ruth Sunday (29), leaving behind three children, and Josephine Ibrahim (36), leaving behind four children.”

The curfew was imposed by state authorities after sectarian violence broke out in the Capital city of Jos, following a mob attack that killed 22 Muslims.


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