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Arson at a Protestant temple in Northern France

Disused since the start of the covid crisis, the Protestant church of Behren les Forbach in the north of the Moselle, built by miners in the 1960s, almost went up in smoke on the 27th of August


Several people broke into the basement of the temple and started a fire with items found inside. The Minister of the Interior reacted on Twitter to condemn the fire and express his support for the Protestants, but did not attend.

Pastor Heinrich Hoffman complained and said: “ This is pure vandalism. There is no religious motive in my opinion. I nevertheless lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie this morning because the damage is significant in our parish hall which has a meeting room and a kitchen. It could have been much more serious without the rapid intervention of the firefighters. We have a boiler in a room and a lot of wooden floors in this building ”.


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