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Pakistan’s High Court declared that minor girls can be converted to Islam


Pakistani High Court declared that even a ten-year-old Christian girl could be converted to Islam.


A fourteen-year-old Christian girl named Chashma was going to school when she was kidnapped by Muhammad Usman and then forcefully converted to Islam. After the conversion, her kidnapper forcefully married her. According to her birth certificate and school record, Chashma is fourteen years old, but the Islamic cleric who converted her changed her age to seventeen.

Later, her father filed a police report. Police also recorded her age as seventeen, as they took reference from her conversion certificate and ignored her school and Church record that showed her age as fourteen. Chashma’s father Gulzar Masih then filed a petition in the High Court too. In the petition, he said that the girl was just fourteen years old. She was kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam and was married to the kidnapper. The Islamic Cleric also changed her age from fourteen to seventeen.

The High Court rejected Gulzar’s petition by saying that a Christian girl can be converted to Islam even if she is ten years old. The Court also ordered the girl to stay with her kidnapper as his wife.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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