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Feminists set a church on fire during holy Mass in Columbia

On the 28th of September, around a hundred feminists set a Catholic church on fire in Medellin, Columbia, while fifty faithful were participating in Holy Mass inside the church.

The attack took place in the framework of a march of ‘International Safe Abortion Day,’ which takes place every year on the 28th of September, since 1990, a date that marks the 5th Latin American and Caribean Feminist Meeting, organised in San José, Costa Rica.

According to the El Colombiano news agency, the incident started at 6:30 pm (local time), when the faithful were participating at the Holy Mass in the Saint Ignatius of Loyola Church in Medellin.  The parish priest, Guillermo Zuluaga, told the newspaper that around one hundred women were on the church’s square, shouting pro-abortion slogans. When the manifestation began, a group of faithful closed the church’s doors to prevent the abortionists from disturbing the Mass.

Seeing the closed doors, the feminists got upset and started to graffiti the outside of the church. Then, they became more aggressive and set the wooden doors on fire.

“The people were panicked as the doors started to burn. The faithful thought that they would burn inside the church”, said Father Zuluaga.

The faithful used the extinguishers to stop the spread of the fire. After an hour, six women, calling themselves “guarantors of human rights” arrived to calm the tension, but their efforts were useless. Finally, the faithful managed to escape through the parish office.

According to witnesses, at around 11 pm, another group of feminists returned to the church and damaged it with graffiti. According to Fr. Zuluaga, the people “have the right to express their opinion and point of view, but always with respect and tolerance. It was not a manifestation in favour of an idea, but a violent attack”. 

Besides scaring the faithful to death, the pro-abortionists caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

Source: ACIdigital

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