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Muslim men attacked Christian village in Pakistan- two people died, others were injured


On the 8th of October, five Christian brothers were working on their lands in a Christian village called Chak Bethlehem when fifty armed men attacked them. Two of the brothers died, the others were transferred to hospital.

The attackers suddenly opened fire on the Christian brothers, who were peacefully working on their fields. Hearing the noise of the guns, other villagers came to help the brothers, but they too were also shot at, some severely injured.

The attackers were frequent”visitors” from the neighbouring village, as they had attacked the Christians many times to frighten them away. In the attack, the Muslim men ransaked the village and destroyed the properties of the inhabitants.

Two Christian brothers named Haroon Masih and Yaqoob Masih were murdered during the attack, while their other two brothers were seriously injured and are now being treated at DHQ hospital Okara. The fifth brother has been transferred to Mayo Hospital Lahore because he suffered severe head injuries.

Many other Christian villagers were injured as well during the attack, and they were also hospitalised. After losing their homes and having their beloved ones hospitalised, the inhabitants of the Christian village are still in danger, as the attackers are constantly threatening to return.

Even though a report has been filed with the police, the attackers have not yet been arrested.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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