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Eleven-year-old Christian girl raped in Pakistan


The eleven-year-old girl was kidnapped on her way back home from the shop. The attacker, a Muslim man, raped her and then left her abandoned on the street.

The eleven-year-old Christian girl, Hazel Collin, is living in Lahore, Pakistan. Some days ago, she went to the shop alone when a forty-five-year-old Muslim man noticed the girl and followed her on her way back home. When they were alone on the street, he attacked and kidnapped the girl. He later raped the child and then left her abandoned on the road.

Hector Aleem, administrator of the Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group, highlights that raping Christian girls is commonplace in Pakistan, a matter that is rarely addressed. He says that in the Pakistani Parliament, there are ‘so-called Christians’ who keep asserting that Christians live in peace and security in the country; the reality is that Christian girls live under constant threat.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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