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The situation of persecuted Christians in the UK

Many people in Great Britain have already been sanctioned , dismissed or denied employment for criticism of homosexuality and abortion. Lawsuits are being brought for quoting the Bible. Politicians such as Rob Flello and Roger Godsiff are being removed from the party because of their views consistent with Christian morality. MP Lisa Cameron received death threats for voting against the abortion bill.


Universities censor students and professors for “unreasonable” about transsexualism, feminism, abortion, etc. Student Felix Ngole was expelled for supporting Christian sexual ethics. Many student proliferation groups were denied the possibility of organizing Christian events. The effects of prolifers are criminalized. Parents’ rights are violated in schools, mainly due to the new compulsory schooling for sex education (RSE).

Pressure is put on Christian schools to provide “atheistic content” to children who, for religious reasons, do not participate in Christian ceremonies. There is also a scandalous indoctrination in line with the gender ideology. For example, a 13-year-old girl had to undergo mentoring sessions with the head of an LGBTQ + group who encouraged her to change her “gender identity”.

The media, in particular the BBC, promote a negative image of Christians. Christian companies and organisations that support conservative views on marriage are denied access to bank accounts. The American restaurant chain Chick-fill-A was removed from the mall after protests by LGBT activists. Adoption agencies were closed due to Christian values. Authorities that introduced sanitary restrictions – due to the pandemic – allowed public worship only after the intervention of the courts.

The converts face beatings and intimidation in the UK. Clergymen are denied the right to serve in prisons where the majority of inmates are Muslim. There are a large number of acts of vandalism, thefts, temple torches, and physical attacks. In the years 2018-2020 in Scotland, 42 per cent. hate crimes were aimed at Catholics. On the 3rd of October, 2020, a Muslim convert planned a suicide bomb attack on St. Paul in London.

Britain is clearly going through a cultural process in which Christian values ​​are being replaced by secular values ​​in society as well as in the legal environment. This strongly threatens freedom of speech and violates parental rights. Intolerance also affects Christian rights, institutions, and churches, causing discrimination and vandalism.

The media seems to be contributing to this problem by presenting a false image of Christians in society. Public discourse on gender leads to: social exclusion of people who have a different opinion. So there is a strong social hostility, and at the same time indifference or even partiality of public authorities, which recommends further exploration of the subject and the fight against stigmatisation and harassment of Christians.


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