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Nativity statues stolen in Woodland Park, Colorado

Nativity statues have been stolen from outside Holy Cross Church in Woodland Park, leaving a community upset and confused. On Monday morning, the Rev. Joseph Cyman, who has been the church's pastor for more than 18 years, noticed that the crèche that holds the statues was empty. He asked that people pray for the Nativity scene's safe return.


“It is a part of our church’s history and also has sentimental and sacred value for us,” Cyman said. “The scene was admired by many people traveling across our church.”

A parishioner donated the statues in the 1990s, and they have been on display each Christmas since then. The statues were handcrafted, and Cyman estimated that they’re worth nearly $3,000. Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark, a native of the town, said the Nativity scene was a fixture every year during the holiday season.

The church’s security cameras captured video of a white Mercedes ML350, which police said might have been involved in the theft. However, the light reflection from the camera obscured the car’s license plate, which has not been identified. 

The car was seen outside the church just after 9 p.m. on Sunday. The car then left the church and drove north on Mount Pleasant Avenue, according to a Police Department Facebook post. The police and Kazmark have asked residents with doorbell cameras to check and see if they obtained any video of the car.

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