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Azerbaijani military targets Armenian civilians

A little more than two weeks since the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day (April 24), several incidents of harassment and intimidation by Azerbaijani troops against the historically Christian people have occurred.


On May 5, an Armenian civilian car carrying three teachers was intentionally hit by an Azerbaijani military convoy. As a result of the impact, the car rolled down a hill next to the street.

While none of the civilians were seriously injured, the blatant attack caused concern. One reporter commented on Twitter, “To make it clear, this wasn’t a car accident. They deliberately hit and pushed the car down the gorge.” Russian peacekeepers escorting the convoy stopped the Azerbaijani military vehicle.

On May 7, Armenia’s Defense Ministry reported that Azerbaijani troops fired toward Armenian military positions and towards Sotk gold mine. One miner was injured in the gunfire. The situation was later deemed “relatively stable” and all of the workers had been evacuated.


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