Hearing at court of Päivi Räsänen will take place in January 2022

Exclusive: press release of Päivi Räsänen, Finnish parliament member, persecuted for standing up for the traditional family.

AMA calls to remove sex ID from birth certificates

Catholic doctors expressed their disproval of the initiative.

Google censores pro-life contents

Live Action, a pro-life activist group, says that they are being censored by Google.

Singer of Skillet: "I was promised fame if I stop talking about Jesus"

"He was trying … to get me to be quiet, and it had the opposite effect.”

Christian missionary arrested in Pakistan

The woman was arrested along with her young children in the middle of the night.

Kidnapped priest released after a day in northern Nigeria

The priest was released twenty-four hours after being kidnapped

Adoption agency rejcted the demand of a couple for their Christian values

"We also said that that we didn’t agree that we should simply let the child dress as the other gender.”

Indonesian woman forgives teenage terrorists who murdered her sons

The mother forgave the suicide bombers who, according to her, erre also victims of their father's extremism.