Russia: Two injured in Moscow church knife attack

Several knife attacks have occured in Russia in recent years. A few of them were claimed by the Islamic State.

Hong Kong diocese cancels public services, in Philippines: no handshakes

The Catholic Church issued guidelines to stem the spread of the disease.

How Ferrero Rocher chocolates were inspired by the Virgin Mary

A devout Catholic, Ferrero ,who died on Valentine's Day in 2015 at the age of 89 , was known for his strong devotion to Our Lady.

England to be rededicated to Mary in revival of medieval tradition

King Richard II made the first dedication in 1381. English religious leader speaks of new “national challenges.”

Nigerian priest abducted in new attack

Local news outlets have also reported that several children were kidnapped at the same time.

This dad begged for the life of his 7-month-old unborn son. His ex aborted still

A particularly tragic abortion case made headlines in Colombia

Slovaks gathered outside presidential palace in prayer to oppose LBGT ideology

The government so far has resisted attempts to weaken the constitution on traditional family values.

Five Christians in Northern India arrested on false forced conversion charges

"This time the Hindu radicals came with the police to arrest us.”

President invites pope to visit Hungary for the Eucharistic World Congress

President János Áder has invited Pope Francis to Hungary for the International Eucharistic Congress set to be held in Budapest.

Utah Senate debates partial decriminalization of polygamy

An estimated 30,000 people live in polygamous communities only in this state.