Jim Caviezel: Passion of the Christ sequel: Resurrection ‘will be a masterpiece’

“The films they make are Marvel comic movies,” said Caviezel. “You'll see Superman, but you won't see Jesus.”

Myanmar officially designates the Arakan Army as terrorist organisation

The Burmese government has officially designated the Arakan Army (AA), an ethnic rebel group, as a terrorist organisation.

In Holy Land, Churches denounce persistent anti-Christian attacks

For the past ten years there has been a notable increase in the number of anti-Christian attacks and incidents in the Holy Land

In spite of religious "neutrality" muezzin heard in Hagia Sophia

Turkey uses Hagia Sophia as mosque for Islamic prayer again.

Abducted, forcibly converted girl's parents appeal to Supreme Court in Pakistan

Huma Younus, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl was abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam in last October.

The UK retracts announcement allowing women to take abortion pills at home

This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.

Professor in prison for running Christian orphanage in Nigeria

Despite having all of the legal paperwork to operate the orphanage, it was closed down, and the professor was taken to prison.

'Culture itself is hostile to Christian faith', conservative commentator says

According to him Christians, in some cases, are even called to be intolerant.

Armed groups cut water supply for northeastern Syria

Armed militias responsible for the operation are backed by the Turkish government.

Al Shabab is trying to expand and concentrate on mainly US targets, experts say

Al Qaeda's African branch is "gearing up" to conduct more severe attacks on specific targets, Christians among them.