Talibans are carrying out mass executions, warns missionary

According to its website, Free Burma Rangers have helped 1.5 million displaced persons to date who would have otherwise died.

Shenzhen House Church closely monitored during anniversary trip

The atnosphere sourrounding Christian churches in China remains tense.

Two individuals in prison for desecration of graves in Benin

The two individuals will be at the helm in late October to be determined on their fate.

Muslim gunmen in Pakistan wound at least four Christians

The U.S. State Department in December re-designated Pakistan among nine other “Countries of Particular Concern”

Over 100 incidents of China’s crackdown on Christians reported in one year

ICC highlights the plight of a church bookstore that was forced to display Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book instead of the Bible.

Severely wounded Christian boy has slim chances of survival after attack

Open Doors warns that persecution against Christians and other religious minorities has increased snice 2014.

Wave of persecution hits Christian couple's home in Northern India

Radical Hindu nationalists often use false accusations of forced conversion to justify their assaults and have pastors arrested.

IS leader killed in Sahel

Islamic extremism remains a deadly plague for Christians around the world.

Wales "LGBTQ+ Action Plan" may put pastors at risk of prosecution

Earlier this summer, an American pastor was arrested in London while preaching that “homosexuality is a sin.”