Christian nurses falsely accused of disrespecting the Koran

There is a growing number of people wrongly accused of blasphemy and forced conversion of girls belonging to religious minorities.

U.S. Embassy in Indonesia warns of potential terrorist attacks

As Ramadan approaches, Indonesia remains on high alert.

A Protestant church has been destroyed by Pakistani authorities

The altar was desecrated, the cross and Bibles destroyed, along with other belongings of the Emmanuel Gospel Church community.

Rapper DMX dies from heart attack

DMX’s most recent music release was for a new Christian song released by evangelist Mike Servin.

Cyprus religious leaders condemn party at historic monastery

It is the only Armenian monastery on the island and an important historical site for the community living there.

Myanmar’s military junta conducts search of church groups in Kachin State

The situation of the Christian minority in Myanmar continues to raise concerns in the international community.

Leftist radicals attacked a group of conservative politicians in Madrid

Thirteen people were injured, including a deputy and a policeman. Bricks, stones and urine vials rained down on the conservatives.

Canadian pastor laments about "attacks on church reminding of communism"

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was born in Poland and lived under Soviet rule during part of his childhood.

Human rights group asks for report on missing Malaysian Pastor

Pastor Raymond Koh was mysteriously abducted in broad daylight in February 2017. He has been missing since.

The pandemic of home abortions in Great Britain

An average of twenty ambulances a month are sent to women who report complications after "home abortions."