Armenian Christians prevented from visiting monastery by Azerbaijan authorities

Armenians fondly recall the times of baptisms, blessings and larger corporate worship at Dadivank.

Belgian public media wonder what to do with desecralised churches

According to a 2019 report by the Catholic Church, as many as 31 churches have been closed in Belgium in 2018 alone.

Planned Parenthood drops lawsuit against Texas "sanctuary city" for the unborn

Planned Parenthood drops its lawsuit over the city of Lubbock’s abortion ban, ensuring that the ordinance will remain in effect.

French organisation tries to preserve the country's Christian heritage

This year's pilot renovation project concerns, for example, the chapel in Vrère in the Deux-Sèvres department.

Gang of church robbers arrested in France

In total, five people have been identified by the police and will face charges for burglary.

Violence against Christians continues to rise in India

India’s Catholic leaders are urged to take action by human rights groups.

J.K. Rowling targeted by the gender activists yet again

The British author is under attack for refusing to comply with the gender narrative.

Open Doors urges the West to provide persecuted Christians with more support

Christians are often being forgotten by the Western maintream media because of political correctness.

The numerous faces of Christian persecution across the world

Persecution goes from disriminatiion in the public sphere to physical violence.

The number of Christians murdered for their faith skyrocketed last year

The highest numbers of Christians who were killed in 2021 are to be found in sub-Saharan Africa