Christmas tree trenched with gasoline in Austrian Muslim district

Four people were arrested immediately and the local government initiated a new security strategy for the area.

Open Doors released its 2021 list of most dangerous countries to be a Christian

For the first time, Nigeria is ranked among the ten countries with the highest rate of Christian persecution

New York sued over "dangerous ambiguities" in liberal abortion law

The New York legislation on abortion is among the most permissive in the world.

Over three hundred million Christians suffer from persecution worldwide

Current data cover the period from the 1st of October 2019 to the 30th of September 2020

Two Christian sisters raped and murdered in Pakistan

The rights of Christian women are continually violated in Pakistan

Turkey makes no progress investigating the kidnapping of elderly Christians

The abductors are affiliated with the PKK, a Kurdish militant group designated by the US as a terrorist organisation.

A nun has been kidnapped in Haiti

Haiti has been going through a severe socio-economic crisis for years, leading people to despair and insecurity.

Christian Solidarity International warns of "Christian genocide" in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s residents are mostly Muslim, while Armenia is largely made up of Christian.

Chinese authorities encourage citizens to report religious gatherings

This is not the first time Xingtai city is soliciting its residents’ help to clamp down on “illegal religious activities”.

The cleared site of Jesus' baptism is again available to the faithful

"The reopening of this place to pilgrims and tourists will be a historic day," Father Faltas told Vatican Radio.