France: the Archbishop of Paris will pray in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Archbishop is to be accompanied by only a few people, in accordance with strict security regulations.

Bible publishers reporting jump in sales amid coronavirus fears

Even Denmark, one of the least religious countries in the world, sees systematic increases in internet searches on prayer.

The pandemic is a warning for clergymen, says Fr. Nicolas Bux

The Italian theologian warned church leaders against idolatry, which he called "the heaviest of sins."

Persecuted Christians at greater risk during coronavirus outbreak

Open Doors goes live on social media every day, with church leaders, to share spiritual encouragement for persecuted believers.

The Supreme Court of Australia acquitted Cardinal George Pell.

The Australian cardinal was put in a prison for dangerous criminals where he spent thirteen months

France: a church in Brest is vandalised and robbed

Church robberies and anti-Christian vandalism continue all around France despite the national lockdown.

Famous French pro-life activist Xavier Dor dies from coronavirus aged 91

Dr. Xavier Dor was sentenced eleven times by French courts for his pro-life activities.

Kazakhstan: Courts order the destruction of 196 Christian publications

Kazakhstan restricts freedom of religion and belief, along with related freedoms of expression, association, and assembly.

Nigeria: Gunmen kill three Christian siblings and two women in Plateau State

The unprovoked attack and the killing of innocent children only shows the level of insecurity Christians are facing in Nigeria.

A church burned down in Ethiopia

Five churches have already been destroyed in the region of Omoria in the first three months of this year.