St. Padre Pio warned us that abortion is "the suicide of the human race”

St. Padre Pio was not only a holy man, miracle worker, and mystic, he was also a prophet.

President of Senegal criticises Justin Trudeau regarding homosexuality

Senegalese law punishes homosexual acts with prison sentences of one to five years.

US Air force authorizes headscarfs, beards and turbans

Until very recently, the right to wear such signs was treated individually and permits were granted quite rarely.

30,000 pounds of leftover food donated to charity after Super Bowl

The remaining food fed over 20,000 people all over Florida.

Syrian Parliament recognizes Armenian genocide

Turkey refuses to acknowlegde the term "genocide" until today to describe the massacre perpetrated on its neigbour.

Bernie Sanders wants "significant" expansion of Planned Parenthood funding

Sanders declared that being pro-choice is "an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat".

Over 400 acts of vandalism against Christian symbols in Belgium every year

Christianity is by far the most targeted religion in Belgium.

Indiana mayor hopes 2,246 baby corpses found won’t impact access to abortion

Buttigieg said he hopes the discovery "would not get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to healthcare".

Jair Bolsonaro: "Brazil belongs to Christianity"

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed his faith in Jesus Christ while attending a huge Christian worship event in Brazil.

Belgium: decisive moment regarding potential extension of abortion legislation

The state Council must give its opinion on the project of law today, February 13, 2020.