News from Europe

French "singer" who mocked Christ on air apologizes to... the LGBT community

It is not Frederic Fromet's first provocation against Christians.

Belgium "lagging behind" other coutries on abortion, says Belgian socialist

The controversial text specifies that doctors who "complicate the access" to abortion will face legal problems. 

Church of England: Sex is reserved for married heterosexual couples

The statement was issued as a response for civil partnerships' availability for heterosexual people.

Catholics excluded from unlawful euthanasia trial in Belgium

Lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge said that he would be doing a poor job as a lawyer if he allowed a “devout” Catholic on the jury. 

Swedish politician: Govt has lost control after huge Stockholm bombing

Large explosions rock apartments in Swedish no-go suburbs this week. The country suffered 230 bombings in 2019 alone.

Three Christmas cribs burned in Belgium

Christmas cribs being intentionally set on fire becomes more and more common in Western Europe.

Women quitting jobs in Swedish nogo area mall due to harassment from migrant men

In such zones half of the residents can be afraid for their safety when going out after dark.

Belgian city translates information signs in Arabic and Turkish

The information campaign is about urban traffic and the "low emmision zones" of the city of Ghent.

A bus transporting pilgrims attacked in France

The 53 Christians on board were going to celebrate the 149th anniversary of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Pontmain.

French MEP denounces a "judgment of dubious value" regarding Poland and Hungary

MEP's from France, Italy, Spain and Hungary rebelled against the EPP by voting against the EP resolution on the rule of law.