News from Europe

Fifteen bronze statues stolen from French cemetery

All the statues weigh at least fifty kilos and some of them are almost one meter high.

German doctors will be allowed to engage in assisted suicide

In the Nazi German era, the "annihilation of the worthless" cost the lives of at least 100,000 people.

Belgium euthanasia law is getting out of control

ADF International is supporting a case that challenges the euthanasia law in Belgium at the European Court of Human Rights.

Less churches and more mosques: the crisis of Christianity in France

At least two Catholic churches or monuments are the subjects of theft or profanation on a daily basis.

Northern Ireland and its extreme abortion regime

London is trying to impose the most extreme abortion regime in Europe on a reluctant population.

A hundred graves vandalised in a Luxembourg cemetery

Officials from the town hall of Differdange lodged a complaint with the police, and appealed for witnesses.

Record number of people died by assisted suicide in the Netherlands in 2020

2020 saw a nine per cent increase in deaths by euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide from the previous year.

A Belgian deconsecrated church to be transformed into a dance school

In one year, forty Catholic churches in Belgium were deconsecrated and turned into hotels, restaurants or cultural centres.

Janine Coponet who witnesses the murder of Father Hammel died aged 91.

Janine Coponet, a witness of the murder of Jacques Hamel, passed away on the 19th of April aged 91.