News from Europe

Why is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated on March 17?

The man who brought Christianity to Ireland is believed to have died on this day in 461 AD

UN Global Compact for Migration can be made compulsory

By a compulsory Compact, migrants would have to be allowed to enter any European country they wish

800-year-old church vandalised in French no-go zone Saint-Denis

The vandalism comes just under a year after the Basilica was stormed by far-left activists and illegal migrants

Fortnight Madness

Some absurd expressions of liberalism in Western society

Too English to be true! - or appreciated

The primary school got rated down because the majority of pupils are white British

Pope Francis to open Vatican's WWII archives

An "enormously important" step to Catholic-Jewish relations

A Muslim chancellor? "Why not?"

The leader of the Christian Democratic Union faction can imagine a Muslim as chancellor of Germany

Prayer for the "Recognition of the Right of (persecuted) Christian Communities"

You're welcome to join to the Pope's March prayer intention!

Catholic hospitals in Ireland could be asked to remove religious symbols

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has given some 'hints' just for good measure

Vatican conference: AI needs ethical guidelines

Enthusiastic speakers share thoughts on robotics and AI