News from Europe

Breaking: State secretary comments on knife attack in Nice

State secretary comments on knife attack in Nice, where a woman was decapitated as three die in 'suspected terror attack'.

A statue of Ronald Reagan vandalised by pro-abortion protesters in Poland

The former American President was an outspoken opponent of abortion.

Anti-Catholic violence continues in Poland amid pro-abortion unrest

The level of vulgarity and violence from the protesters shocked the population.

Pro-abortion activists violently disturb Masses in Poland

Numerous acts of vandalism and desecration were perpetrated as a reaction the the court ruling.

Portuguese left-wing government wans to introduce euthanasia

In September, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa expressed support for the initiative to legalise euthanasia.

Poland court ruling bans eugenic abortions

The decision halts "pregnancy terminations" for foetal abnormalities, virtually the only type currently performed in the country.

Swiss public television cancels three church programmes.

Cutbacks effected three programmes in Switzerland.

Spanish government could use COVID-19 to implement anti-Christian regulations

The Spanish left is known for being particularly belligerant towards Christianity.

Netherland's government allows euthanasia for children under twelve

The government expects between five and ten children a year to be euthanised under the new rule.