News from Europe

The European Parliament adops a report criticising religion

This report supposedly on religious persecution is actually hostile towards religion itself.

Several thefts of sacred objects observed in Tuscany

The series of thefts in Tuscany has been ongoing for the past few weeks.

A German church was targeted by burglars

There have been several similar attacks in the past weeks in Germany

Spanish influencer attacked on social media for being Catholic

The man described the whole situation as "ridiculous".

The church of a German town has been devastated by vandals

Vandalism against Christian places of worship is a widespread plague across Germany.

Satnic graffiti discovered in Austrain church

The vandals also sprayed an angel's face red.

Windows of a German church have been destroyed

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across Germany.

A man was caught urinating on a church in Italy

The perpetrator of this disrespectful act was soon slammed by local media.

Windows of a church in England have been smashed by vandals

Parishioners also fear for the long-term future of one of the town's other famous landmarks at St David's.