News from Europe

British stutents receive threats for their pro-life initiatives

Devon and Cornwall police, as well as university authorities, have been informed of the threats. 

Flickering billboards on the Cathedral of Milan

There are two enormous billboards hanging in front of the Milan Cathedral, hiding two of the sidewalls of the Gothic church.

Queen Elizabeth praises BBC for presenting Christianity as a "living faith"

In her 2016 book ahead of her 90th birthday, the queen reflected on Jesus’ central role in her life.

French priest discovered an armed man in his church in Paris

The 28-year-old suspect was found with a loaded gun and had already been known for other offences.

Pastoral office stormed by right-wing extremists in Austria

The perpetrators apparently belong to the right-wing "Identitäre" (Identitarians) group.

Germany increasingly deports Christian converts to Muslim countries

The authorities in Germany suspect that many converts are only faking their conversion to Christianity.

German church vandalised in Sandhausen

According to the police it seems that the perpetrators were not looking for money.

Ten per cent of Belgian newborn death are due to euthanasia

The intentional murder of a child by "euthanasia" should be called what it really is: an infanticide.