News from Europe

Orthodox church burned down in Ukraine

Local residents notified authorities that a fire had started inside the temple.

International abortion lobby puts Slovakian pro-life politicians under pressure

Currently, abortion in Slovakia is available on demand up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Vandals ravaged a Catholic church in Bavaria, Germany

On Monday the 8th of September, Saint-Emmaram's Catholic church was vandalised in the town of Spalt.

Polish satanists want to erect a statue of Baphomet in the city of Szczecin

The cost of the monument is over one million U.S. dollars.

Catholic Mass taken off the airwaves in Belarus

The Sunday morning Mass was broadcast by the largest nationwide radio channel in the country.

The number of Church attacks are back to "normal" in France

In France, on average, there are three anti-Christian attacks a day.

A political party promoting paedophilia has been reactivated in the Netherlands

The petition circulating on the internet for the ban of the PNVD gathered merely 560.000 signatures so far.

Hundreds of British women have procured "home abortions" daily since March

An average of five hundred unborn children have been killed daily in this way since the coronavirus outbreak in Great Britain.

Two Catholic schools graffitied in Lyon, France

The signs were found at 7:30 am by the management of the school who erased them before students arrived.

Denmark: Only 18 children with Down syndrome are born in a year

Fortunate coincidence or national infanticide?