News from Europe

Slovenian Prime Minister backs Hungary over law banning LGBT content in schools

Another political leader from central Europe is supporting Hungary’s dedication to traditional family values.

The Spanish trans-revolution threatens to fill children with hormones

The cultural revolution in Spain is speeding up at a frightening pace.

Unlawfully arrested street preacher wins in court

I’m thankful that the police have admitted what they did was unlawful," David McConnel explained.

Zsolt Semjén and Tristan Azbej visit Armenia

The two politicians went to Armenia for a religious, diplomatic and humanitarian visit.

Transvestite man dressed up as Jesus in Milan LGBT parade

Matteo Salvini shared a photo on his Facebook page taken at a Pride demonstration in Milan on the 26th of June.

Hungarian sculptor gifts John Paul II statue to Polish university

The sculpture was blessed by Archbishop of Kraków Marek Jędraszewski.

Hungary Helps offered help to Czech Republic after tornado

Tristan Azbej: "A friend is also a friend in trouble".

Gennaro Gattuso attacked on Twitter after defending the traditional family model

Tottenham fans campaigned against Gattuso because he stood out in defence of traditional marriage.

Young man charged for the defacing of a church in Poland

The man is additionally being charged for insulting religious feelings, which could add another two years of imprisonment.

Hungarian Parliament approves Anti-Paedophilia bill

On the 15th of June, the Hungarian parliament approved a bill that will punish paedophilia more severely