News from Europe

MI5 warns of new attacks by ISIS in UK and Europe

ISIS is plotting terrorist attacks across the UK by sleeper agents hiding in western Europe

Study: Radical Islamic terrorism accounts for 91 % of terror victims in the EU

753 people have been killed in terror attacks across the European Union between 2000 and 2019

Rugby association reprimands Christian, ignores player who attacked Bible

'Divisive' view of homosexuality on Instagram rattles sport

Ex-Muslim Christian convert claims: “Swedes will lose Sweden in 50 years”

She left Islam and eventually converted to Christianity.

Priest wins standing ovation for swipe at politicians at Lyra McKee's funeral

Police believe the Derry violence had been orchestrated as trouble brewed over the anniversary of the Easter Rising

UK Archbishop calls for recognition of ‘anti-Christianism’

The Coptic Archbishop of London call for acknowledgement that “anti-Christianism” is a real phenomenon nowadays

Spanish bishop says he is prepared for martyrdom

Council on Social Policy to investigate the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares

“God saved me,” says a cardinal who was tortured and condemned to death

He suffered persecution under the communist regime in Albania.

Good news for Easter from the EU

Resolution passed for the Persecuted in China on Holy Thursday