News from Europe

Pope Francis refers to John Paul II as "Saint John Paul the Great"

Pope Francis expressed the conviction that the Polish Pope played a decisive role in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Swiss voters support LGBT protection law

The new regulation will punish discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and identity.

France: young Muslims cover a church with Arabic flags

The local police did not arrive on time to arrest the group of young provocators.

"The truth has been replaced by ideas from Soros people", says Polish priest

The priest emphacized the excessive use of the word "tolerance" in the public debate nowadays.

Wales: compulsory sex education for children

Classes that will be given the name "sex education and relationship science" will be compulsory from September 2021.

The Netherlands: euthanasia for healthy people?

Around 10,000 Dutch over the age of 55 consider commiting assisted suicide despite being healthy.

Catholic universities in Belgium to help train Muslim imams

The aim is to provide university-level education for prospective imams.

Middle East patriarchs discuss plight of Christian minorities with Pope Francis

Patriarch Younan made an appeal for people “to help Christians stay in their homeland. For that, we need more deeds than words.”

Neo-marxism could be more dangerous than Bolshevism, says Polish bishop

Archbishop Jędraszewski has been criticized by liberal media for comparing "LGBT ideology" to Bolshevism.

UK: Why are dangerous Jihadists being released early from prison?

Boris Johnson to toughen sentencing guidelines for convicted terrorists after newly-released prisoner carried out jihadist attack.