News from Europe

World's youngest Catholic bishop consecrated in Ukraine

The world’s youngest Catholic bishop was consecrated in Ukraine Sunday.

A pro-abortion network arrives to Poland with the support of local liberals

"Abortion Support Network" is implanting itself in Poland with the support of the local liberal newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza"

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino got baptised

The Brazilian footballer organized a special ceremony around his swimming pool for the event

Four more abortion clinics close across the West Midlands

The units in Birmingham, Nuneaton, Sandwell and Wolverhampton were responsible for the terminations of 1815 unborn babies in 2018.

In Vienna, Muhammad becomes one of the most popular names given to newborns

In three districts of Vienna, the most popular name given to newborns in 2019 was Muhammad

French radio violated France's laicity law by offending the Christian Church

The song, wanting in artistic value, makes a caricature of Jesus Christ and indeed of all Christians.

5000 participants at the yearly football fans pilgrimage to Jasna Góra

The football fans community's pilgrimage to Jasna Góra gathered 5000 participants this year

Radical feminist group takes credit for string of church attacks in Germany

The first arson attack happened in 2014, and, as in 2019, a confession was published online.

Transgenderism and same-sex marriage education for primary school children

Pupils of all ages will have compulsory lessons from September 2020 in the UK