News from Europe

A Catholic priest has been beaten up during Mass in Berlin

The causes of this attack are being investigated by a special police surveillance unit.

The series of anti-Catholic acts continues in Western Europe

France remains the European country in which the rise of anti-Christian vandalism is the most significant.

The statue of an Armenian priest was profaned in Paris, France

It was the statue of a survivor of the Turkish genocide. The assailant denies that genocide ever occurred.

Tour de France: Anti-Christian tags on the cycling track

The Tour de France started yesterday from Nice, with anti-Christian signs on the cycling track

Chalice shot by ISIS militants to be displayed in Spanish churches

“With this, we want to make visible a reality that we sometimes see on television but we are not really aware of what we see"

"Muhammad" remains most given newborn male name in the England and Wales

"Parents want their children not to forget their roots when they live in a foreign country," the national office explained.

A statue of St. John Paul II and Ronald Regan have been vandalised in Poland

These two statues have already been targeted several times. In 2013, vandals cut off the arm of the statue depicting Reagan.

Historic chapel desecrated in Spain

On August 15th, the very famous and highly revered hermitage of Santísimo Cristo in the town of Planes (Spain) was vandalised.

German Cardinal considers Karl Marx as "a source of Catholic social teaching"

"Marx cannot be blamed for everything that was committed by his theories in the gulag of Stalin,” says the Vatican dignitary.

Pro-life activists have been physically attacked by hospital workers in Poland

The university hospital in Poznań is one of the facilities where the largest number of unborn children in the country are killed.