News from Hungary

Why is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated on March 17?

The man who brought Christianity to Ireland is believed to have died on this day in 461 AD

Without Christian culture there will be no free life in Europe

"If we fail to defend our Christian culture we will lose Europe"

UN Global Compact for Migration can be made compulsory

By a compulsory Compact, migrants would have to be allowed to enter any European country they wish

No compromise on defending Christian culture

Action should be taken against migration

Communism: one party, one direction, one world view

Communism was built on foundations of suffering of innocent victims

Viktor Orbán had talks with Youssef Absi, Melkite Greek Catholic patriarch

Hungary can help in Syria by supporting Eastern Christian churches

Supporting migration could mean supporting return of terrorists

Global Compact for Migration in any form is unacceptable, since the Compact relativizes the illegal crossing of borders.

Hungary’s response to demographic decline

The Hungarian response calls for something different: stronger families, more children.