News from Hungary

‘Gulag’ Recsk: symbol of inhumanity, and Communist dictatorship - commemorated

"Confronting the fates of the survivors of the forced labour camp in Recsk, in northern Hungary, is never easy"

Katalin Novák: The next generation is Europe's future

"The solution to Europe’s demographic challenges is more children"

Franciscan leader thanked Hungary for its support with extension of museum

The 'Hungary Helps' Programme supports Christian communities and protects universal Christian heritage

President invites pope to visit Hungary for the Eucharistic World Congress

President János Áder has invited Pope Francis to Hungary for the International Eucharistic Congress set to be held in Budapest.

UN spending on migration instead of on counter-terrorism is "untenable"

Foreign minister: The United Nations facilitates migration that poses a danger to the entire world

Tristan Azbej: Hungary and US cooperate to aid religious minorities in Iraq

"It is important to translate commitment for persecuted Christians into action."

Hungary to launch $17M aid development program in Uganda

Currently there are less than 1.4 million people seeking shelter because of armed conflicts, epidemics and regional instability.

Hungary and US in close cooperation over family support

Solution: Providing incentives to young people to have families rather than immigration

We want to demolish the wall of silence surrounding persecuted Christians!

“Many deny the existence of Christian persecution, although it is proven that 250 thousand people are persecuted for their faith"

Hungary to join first new Religious Freedom Alliance from Europe

"Hungary does not accept that international organisations “turn a blind eye” to the persecution of Christian communities".