News from Hungary

Hungary prayed for the persecuted Church

Christians from every denomination pray together for the unity of Christianity.

A statue of Jesus Crucified desecrated in Hungary

Some days earlier unknown persons samshed a statue of the crucifixion in two in Northern Hungary.

HHP supports rebuild efforts in the Philippines

The super-typhoon affected two million people.

Christian cemetery profaned with Arabic inscriptions in France

On the night of the 17th of October, a thirty-seven-year-old man desecrated the Saint-Clément cemetery.

HHP Roundtable discussion on Humanitarian Development

The roundtable discussion had several distinguished speaker, many of them supporting the notion.

The HHP supports the Armenian Apostolic Church to rebuild in the Middle East

The HHP helped around 100.000 people around the globe.

Hungarian monuments lit in red on Red Wednesday

On Wednesday, the 25th of November, various monuments were lit in red in Budapest, to remember Christians martyrs.

Kenyan archbishop thanked Hungary for financial support

The objective of Hungary Helps is to provide help for countries in need.

Péter Szijjártó spoke in the Vatican about aid to persecuted Christians

After the meeting, Szijjártó declared to MTI that Vatican can count on Hungary to help the Christian communities in need.

"I feel gratitude for not forgetting your brothers when no one was there"

A message sent to the Hungarians from Christian friends from Iraq, supported by the Hungary Helps Program through the years