Why was the atomic bomb dropped on the most Catholic town of Japan?

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Jesuits and the Franciscans built up a Catholic community in Nagasaki.

Dr Thomas Sr. O’Flynn about religious persecution in Iran

"As I write, there is only one Catholic church in Tehran open at weekends, and only for expatriates."

Nigeria could be next Rwanda or Darfur

Advocates have for years called on the international community to recognise the ongoing violence in Nigeria as a “genocide.”

Professor Andrzej Nowak: "In 1920, Poland defeated the Evil Empire"

One hundred years after the Battle of Warsaw, Professor Andrej Nowak presents his book about the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920.

Genocide is indeed taking place in Nigeria

Open Doors considers attacks on Christians as “religious cleansing” and an attempt “to eradicate Christianity” from the region.

Belgian Christians still deprived of Sunday Mass but... can go to the zoo!

Will Belgian Christians soon have to hide themselves in order to live their faith as their counterparts from the Middle East?

Why are so many U.S. states violating religious liberty?

Many cultural fault lines and foundational weaknesses of American theology and society are being exploited during this pandemic.

Cardinal celebrates Ramadan at home

Ramadan is a time during which Christians are particularly at risk and subjected to high pressure worldwide.

Turkey labels USCIRF report 'biased' and 'unsubstantiated'

In a press release the Turkish MoFA worded a scathing response to the report.

Robert Schuman's vision as a cure for "modern" Europe's moral crisis

Robert Schuman can be a good role model for European Christians of the 21st century in a context of lack of authority figures.