Californa parish prays for vandals after Mary statue beheaded

The vandalism came amid an ongoing spate of destructive acts at Catholic parishes across the country in recent weeks.

Half of Germans believe that political correctness limits freedom of speech

Political correctness is an issue in Germany. It may stem from the sexual aggression seen on New Year's Eve of 2016 in Cologne

Jack Posobiec attacked by Antifa in Lincoln Park

Left-wing activists have shown once again how little they practise the tolerance they have in their slogans.

Open Doors partners harassed by authorities while delivering aid in Vietnam

“You are Christians and your God shall take care of your family! The government is not responsible of your families!”

Christian film set attacked by radical Hindu nationalists

Members of the AHP and Bajrang Dal considered that the set was located "too close" to a Hindu temple.

Church using 'Minecraft to make Bible come alive in virtual youth group meetings

A Leicester church is using video games in their virtual youth group sessions during lockdown as a way to connect with teenagers

President Buhari blames victims of recent attack in Kaduna

With the president’s statement, people are going to be less likely to trust the government and that it is trying to protect them.

Lawyers must call male runners 'trans females' in athletics lawsuit

Chatigny said that referring to the biologically male athletes as “males” is “not accurate” and  “needlessly provocative.”  

Christians are encouraged to be 'Ambassadors of Christ'

'Wear Scriptures' is a Christian clothing brand that is dedicated to spreading the gospel with clothing and accessories.

American Teenagers declare that 'Prolife Rocks!'

Today many American teenagers believe that abortion is the greatest human rights issue of the 21st century.