Polish-Hungarian relations in the aftermath of WWI

Despite having experienced a national tragedy of partition, Hungarians helped their Polish brothers to repel Soviet Russia.

The Polish tradition of freedom and tolerance

In 1918, Poland was one of the first countries in the world to grant full electoral rights to women.

Stephen Báthory: the courageous Hungarian king of Poland

Báthory was Mosow's worst nightmare in the late 16th century.

Józef Bem: a national hero for Poles and Hungarians

General Bem played a key role in the context of the national uprisings in Central Europe in the 19th century.

Marshal Piłsudski and the Polish-Bolshevik war viewed by the Hungarian press

Polish-Hungarian friendship is unique in that it has often gone beyond the most down-to-earth pragmatism and rationality.

Pál Teleki, Poland’s true friend

Teleki was the only politician in the period between the two World Wars to be the Prime Minister twice.

Jadwiga of Poland: the beatified Hungarian Queen of Poland

Jadwiga was the first female monarch of the Kingdom of Poland, reigning from the 16th of October 1384 until her death.

Indonesian governments counts on the Catholic Chruch to promote interreligious-harmony

The government of the Republic of Indonesia expects the Catholic Church to promote religious moderation.

Catholic church damaged by the Junta's airstrike in Myanmar

For more than one year, the Tatmadaw fails to take control of the country with a coup and continues to attack civilians.

Chinese house church preacher arrested for illegal gathering

The authorities considered these Christians’ gatherings as behavior that has "severely disturbed social order"