Construction of Catholic church rejected due to local Muslims’ objection

However, the Church of the Saint Joseph Parish has obtained a Building Permit dated October 2, 2019.

'We’ve had enough': Pro-life Democrat blasts Mayor Pete

“We’ve had enough,” Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, told CNA.

Polish president wants "no more lies" about history

Seventy five years ago, the Red Army entered into the German Nazi death camp of Auschwitz.

Rabin wants to dispose of Catholic church in Auschwitz

Avi Weiss claims that the presence of a Catholic church goes against the UNESCO rules from 1972.

France will create a fund to support Christian schools in the Middle East

The announcement of this initiative was made during Emmanuel Macron's visit in Israel.

Tension rises between the Church and the Spanish government

Spanish society has been strongly divided over ideological questions for the last century.

Abortion industry continues to prosper in Great Bitain

Almost one out of four pregnancies in Great Britain currently ends with an abortion.

German portal encourages teenagers to take "hormone blockers"

German "experts" encourgage young people to decide about their gender themselves.

The European Parliament endorses abortion and gender ideology

The European Parliament has reissued an ideological document promoting abortion and gender ideology.

Statues of the Holy Mary destoyed in Southern Poland

Statues of the Holy Mary were destroyed in Ściegny and Wojanów in the region of Lower Silesia