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Arabs tend to lose faith in religious parties and leaders

Religious zeal is also falling in the region, particularly among the young

Five things I learned about Hungary’s commitment to persecuted Christians

"Hungary is determined to remember the past and not to let it be repeated."

Please donate so that we can make Christmas better for persecuted Christians!

These foundations have worked for many years to improve the plight of Christians in need.

Wendy’s chooses to promote adoption, not abortion

"Every child deserves a permanent home and loving family"

Hungary, Brazil and US talk declining birth rates, abortion at Capitol Hill conf

The second International Conference on Family Policy was hosted by the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Christmas celebrations cancelled in Iraq in solidarity with protesters

Almost 430 people have died and 20,000 wounded in mass rallies

Imprisoned Christian denied medical care

A seriously ill Iranian Christian convert is being denied medical care by officials at Evin Prison.

14 Christians killed during church service in Burkina Faso

Following the onslaught, the gunmen fled on motorbikes.

Christian schoolboy hacked to death by Boko Haram

Boko Haram militants operating in North Cameroon capture male children and youths to force them to train as militants.

Egyptian Christian woman wins Court battle

Egyptian woman: "I have the right to ask to be treated equally as my brothers.”