World News

Boko Haram kills two in Nigerian refugee camp attack

The gunmen escaped before troops responded

Christian Laborer Reportedly Killed by Muslim Employer in Pakistan

He was kidnapped and tortured to death after he attempted to quit his job

Conference on Cross-Border Peace and Evangelization in Kenya

"We will no longer remain indecisive and we will no longer be fearful."

A Spanish Salesian killed in Burkina Faso

This week, it was the third attack committed against the Catholic community in Burkina Faso

Heightened Militia Tension in Iraq

Rising tensions between Iran and the west might impact reconstruction efforts in Iraq

141 Christians in prison because of their faith in Eritrea

Since 2002, a law was enacted that prohibits the practice of minority religions

Family in Uganda Under Threat for Conversion from Islam

This is becoming a common fate for converts from Islam in Uganda

Five Christian Children Killed in Rocket Attack in Syria

Kids, aged between six and ten, were struck

Catholic parish attacked in Niger

Catholic priest is wounded during an attack on his parish in the Diocese of Niamey in the West African nation of Niger,

Pakistani Christian teen 'raped, forcibly converted to Islam'

Pastor who helped 15-year-old make police complaint says her marriage was illegal