World News

Church vandalised in Argentina

The El Bolson Church was vandalised by members of the indigenous population of the Andes mountain range.

California churches take fight against state abortion coverage mandate to court

They argued, that the state “shouldn’t be forcing churches to pay for abortion.”

Jihadists continue to terrorise Mozambique

Christians fear for their life in the country which is being taken over by radical Islamists.

Journalists who took refuge in a forest in Mozambique are safe and sound

The Catholic journalists were forced to seek shelter in the forest after an ISIS attack.

British Prime Minister urged to grant asylum to Pakistani Christian teen

Over nine thousand people signed a petition asking Boris Johnson to grant Maira Shahbaz and her family asylum in the UK.

Fifteen people killed in two days in Nigeria by Boko Haram

On the 21st of November, Boko Haram conducted two attacks on the same day, killing fifteen people and injuring many others.

2 dead, 3 injured after stabbing at Grace Baptist Church in California

Religious services were not in session at the time of the stabbing, the building was being used as a homeless shelter.

Kansas school cancels Operation Christmas Child after complaint

The shoe box project was cancelled due to the complaint of atheist group.

Eugenic abortions will no longer be legal in Tennessee

For the Republican governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, the sentence means victory in a battle - though not a war - to save life.

Pro-life organisations sue Washington DC over arrests outside Planned Parenthood

Two students were arrested trying to express in chalk what they were not allowed to say in paint.