World News

Al-Shabaab murders three in Kenya bus attack

The victims are believed to be non-local Christians returning to Lamu after spending the Christmas season in upcountry.

Cardinal Sarah: Nigerians killed by terrorists are ‘martyrs’

African Church leaders have responded to the reported execution of 11 Nigerian Christians by a terrorist group.

Houston County church destroyed by fire just before Christmas

A man set fire to the church early in the morning on December 22.

Indonesian president joins Christians in celebrating National Christmas

The president stressed that the state guarantees religious freedom.

5 Best Moments of 2019 for Life and Family on world stage

For the first time ever, the U.S. threatened to veto a UN Security Council resolution because of abortion

New challenges to Christianity’s growth in Nepal

This amazing growth has not come without challenges.

In Iran, it is a crime to be a Christian

The Islamic Republic of Iran is unleashing a sweeping crackdown on Christians, particularly those who have converted from Islam.

Farmers in Zimbabwe facing severe droughts, hunger crisis

As severe drought conditions continue in Zimbabwe, close to 7 million people are facing food shortages.

WCC calls for end to violence after attacks around the world

The World Council of Churches has condemned several attacks across the world in the first week of the Christmas Season.