World News

New Pakistani anti-conversion bill again in question

The Constitution of Pakistan already guarantees religious plurality; however, Christians continue to experience pertsecution.

Chin pastor killed by Burmese army after bombing of homes

The military’s attack on churches, occupying churches and destroying church property and bombing civilians’ homes continues.

Thousands of participants of the 2021 Berlin March for Life

This year, thousands of people, among them bishops, participated in the March for Life in Berlin.

Eleven people died in Al-Shabaab suicide bomb in Somalia

At least eleven people were killed last week in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in a suicide bombing.

Armed attack on a Pentecostal church in Pakistan

Church worshipers, especially women, had been harassed and mocked by Muslim residents in the area in the past.

Christian group demands Cuba release pastor jailed for protesting regime

In 2012, the government confiscated the pastor’s church property.

Indonesian police shot dead most wanted IS-linked terrorist

Last November, four Christian villagers were killed while their houses and church were torched in Sigi regency.

Statue depicting John Paul II was demolished in Mexico

The local Catholic community is shocked by the event.

Talibans are carrying out mass executions, warns missionary

According to its website, Free Burma Rangers have helped 1.5 million displaced persons to date who would have otherwise died.

Shenzhen House Church closely monitored during anniversary trip

The atnosphere sourrounding Christian churches in China remains tense.