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Vietnam: human rights watchdog urges release of prisoners of conscience

According to the group's latest statistics, Vietnam’s communist regime is holding at least 240 prisoners of conscience.

Holy Land’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher will now be closed indefinitely

The site of the crucifixion and resurrection will be closed for Easter and beyond.

The Supreme Court of Australia acquitted Cardinal George Pell.

The Australian cardinal was put in a prison for dangerous criminals where he spent thirteen months

India - consolation while helping everyone: Christians, Hindus, Muslims alike.

How Sister Christin and Small Christian Communities (SCCs) try to help people of all religions.

Patriarch Sako: May the Lord protect Iraq and the world

"Everyone must analyse their own behavior. Self-criticism should be everyone’s “duty,” Patriarch Sako said.

Iranian referee seeking asylum in Sweden is accused of "Christian propaganda"

One of the most distinguished soccer referees in Iran has already left the country.

Sri Lankan authorities arrest major suspect linked to 2019 Easter bombings

The attack remains the single largest attack on Sri Lanka’s Christian population in the country’s history.

Christian woman in Nepal arrested for praying for the sick

This is the second Christian in Nepal to be arrested on COVID-19 related charges.

India’s Christian hospitals, doctors in the forefront against coronavirus

Christian hospitals have re-organized their wards, staff, and equipment to successfully cooperate with the Indian government.

Nigeria: Gunmen kill three Christian siblings and two women in Plateau State

The unprovoked attack and the killing of innocent children only shows the level of insecurity Christians are facing in Nigeria.