World News

Christian woman disappeared near Cairo

A Christian woman, mother of three has disappeared near Cairo after the family says Islamists kidnapped her off the streets.

Books on religion handled by authorities as pornography in China

Crackdown on religious publications intensifies

Democratic governor supports heartbeat bill

Incredible but true: Louisiana Republicans and Democrats unite to pass heartbeat abortion ban

Christian Home Damaged by Radicals in India

A persecuted community in a state of terror

IRAN: Assyrian Church closed down

100-year-old Assyrian church in the northwestern city of Tarbiz was closed down

Arrest Warrant Issued for “Burmese Bin Laden”

A court in Myanmar has issued an arrest warrant against Wirathu, a notorious Buddhist monk known as “the Buddhist bin Laden”

Iraq’s Christians ‘close to extinction’

Iraqi archbishop has accused Britain’s Christian leaders of failing to do enough for Christians in Iraq

Further help for Syria as part of the Hungary Helps Programme

The purpose of the aid is to help local communities in need to remain in their native land

Traditional religious women are the happiest wives: study

IFS conducted an investigation into the question, “Is religion a force for good or ill for families?

Pakistan honors priest for promoting Christian-Muslim dialogue

Dominican receives award for his mission to promote interfaith peace and harmony