World News

Go to Mass for someone who can't

#Go2Mass for a suffering Christian, says Aid to the Church in Need.

Trump to receive $52M for campaign from pro-life organization

In order to reelect the 'most pro-life president in history'.

Police foiled church bomb plot in southern Philippines

The suspected confessed that they were instructed to carry out the bombing last mont.

We are under siege" says the Archbishop of Kaduna

"No other Country will tolerate this type of insecurity without calling for mass protests".

Mississippi Governor Signs Abortion Ban

Mississipi Governor Phil Bryant said he wants to "tell the Lord he fought for innocent babies"

Order issued to close church building in Oran, Algeria, Christian leaders say

Since 2000 thousands of Algerian Muslims have put their faith in Christ.

Planned Parenthood launches $45 million campaign for 2020 US elections

Jenny Lawson, the Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director, said, "The stakes have never been higher."

Libya: thousands of children at risk amidst ongoing conflict

UNICEF publishes details concerning the number of children at risk amidst the violence and chaos of the ongoing conflict.

No more religion classes in Quebec?

The authorities of Quebec want to withdraw classes in ethics and religious culture from schools