World News

Mexican state passes pro-life education law

Mexican state legislature passed education reform bill to foster a “respect for life from conception to natural death” in students

Abductors of Egyptian Christian woman apprehended

Rania Abd el-Messiah, an Egyptian Christian woman was kidnapped on the 23rd of April and apparently forced to convert to Islam.

Holy water and Super Soakers don't mix, priests say

After photos appearing to depict blessings or baptisms by water gun went viral online, several priests objected

After Minnesota bishops plan to defy Mass restrictions, governor eases rules

The bishops maintained that the original guidelines were unfairly restrictive toward religious services.

Church property illegally occupied in Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic

The Muslim man now occupying the church property is attempting to use the COVID-19 pandemic to his advantage to steal the land.

Muslims and Christians join to rebuild places of worship demolished by ISIS

The UAE funded UNESCO programme will make it possible to restore the historic places of worship in Mosul.

Assyrian Christian man still missing after more than four months

The elderly Christian couple was kidnapped in January in Turkey's northeast corner.

Islamist criminal who kidnapped a Christian acquitted in Pakistan

The lawyer of the kidnapped girl's family announced they would appeal after the scandalous decision of the Court.

Christians worldwide step out to show solidarity with persecuted Christians

Lockdown is a wonderful opportunity to take our association with the persecuted Church to a whole new level.

American pastor returns home after seven month detention in India

In October 2019, Pastor Bryan Nerren, an American pastor from Tennessee, was detained for allegedly failing to declare money