World News

Four Christian aid workers went missing in Baghdad

All of them are employed by the French NGO, SOS Christians of the Middle East.

Church properties burned down by jihadists in Sudan

The worship buildings of the Sudan Interior Church, Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church were razed first on 28 December.

'We’ve had enough': Pro-life Democrat blasts Mayor Pete

“We’ve had enough,” Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, told CNA.

School threatens suspension for student's 'Virginity Rocks' sweatshirt

The principal instructed him to either remove the shirt or turn it inside out.

Two bioethicists consider babies as "potential people" and justify killing them

The authors "prefer to talk about 'post-birth abortion' rather than 'infanticide'".

A dangerous "sex guide" for children in Texas

A Texas school board has voted to implement a sex education curriculum that will teach children to how to enjoy anal sex.

Religious freedom is deteriorating in Pakistan, new report says

Human rights are of great concern especially for poor people and women.

Rabin wants to dispose of Catholic church in Auschwitz

Avi Weiss claims that the presence of a Catholic church goes against the UNESCO rules from 1972.

10 Christians and 7 Muslims among the ministers of the next Lebanese government

Three months after the resignation of Saad Hariri, the new government is forming.

Cruelty to animals gets more media coverage than beheaded Christians

While Christians were murdered in Nigeria, the global media ran a story of a pig being tied up on a bungee-jumping tower