World News

Mexico: evangelical Christians persecuted and forced to become refugees

Indigenous Christians often face persecution just because they don’t participate in the religious celebrations of their villages.

Donald Trump declares Sunday March 15, 2020 National Day of Prayer

Trump's tweet has already been liked by over 350,000 people and shared over 90,000 times as of March 15 at 8am (Budapest time).

Nine years of crisis in Syria: urgent need for a peaceful solution

On 15 March, Syria is entering the tenth year of conflict.

Nigerian priest details 6 ways Christians face discrimination in Nigeria

Christians are facing lesser-known forms of societal discrimination because of their faith in Christ. 

Al-Shabaab Islamist seek to banish Christians from Northeastern Kenya

Attacks by terrorists targeting Christians in Northeastern Kenya have been intensifying in the last few years.

Nonprofit seeks to provide computers to Iraqi Christian schools

The computer labs will consist of printers, projectors, and at least five laptops, electrical wires, and internet routers.

Statue of Jesus and fourteen crosses demolished in India

A 12-feet high statue of Jesus Christ atop the hill was unceremoniously removed by the local authorities. Watch video!

Two Christians killed in Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya

Kenya has become a common location for Al-Shabaab to conduct attacks targeting Christians.

NZ Catholic Bishops releases statement one year after Christchurch shootings

Bishops of New Zealand call for peace and are promoting the strengthening of interfaith religions.

Christian employee beaten for asking to go to church in Pakistan

The young man was beaten by his Muslim employer for he wanted to take a day off and go to church.