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Human rights group asks for report on missing Malaysian Pastor

Pastor Raymond Koh was mysteriously abducted in broad daylight in February 2017. He has been missing since.

Nigerian pastor abducted and murdered

A fifty-year-old pastor, Frederick Ojo Aramuwa, was found dead, days after he was kidnapped from Ifira Akoko Ondo State, Nigeria.

ISWAP threaten to execute Nigerian pastor if ransom is not paid in one week

Hundreds of Christians were likely killed by radical extremists affiliated with Boko Haram in 2020.

Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh still missing four years after abduction

In January, Malaysia’s Ministry of Home Affairs said that the task force needed more time to prepare its report.

Nigeria: Abducted Christian pastor is still in captivity

The Christian leader was kidnapped in October and is still in the hands of extremists.