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WHO calls for doctors to act against their conscience

The WHO was also calling for an unlimited time for when an abortion could be done.

Christian church with memorial for aborted babies vandalised by abortionists

A Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado, which has a memorial to the memory of aborted babies was graffitied by abortionists.

Thousands of participants of the 2021 Berlin March for Life

This year, thousands of people, among them bishops, participated in the March for Life in Berlin.

Google censores pro-life contents

Live Action, a pro-life activist group, says that they are being censored by Google.

Canadian government worriing about decline in abortions

Trudeau’s government is aiming to counteract the “worrying” 20% dip in abortions in a Canadian province over the last five years.

Young Europeans strive to make their continent more pro-life

Europe has some of the most extreme laws on abortion and euthanasia.

Governor of North Carolina compares abortion to slavery

Mark Robinson told pro-lifers that their activism is "similar to the abolitionists fight against slavery in the 1700s and 1800s."

The 2020 abortion pandemic claimed 42.6 million lives

According to Worldometers, abortion killed twenty-three times more people than COVID-19 last year.

Argentina legalises abortion "on demand" until the fourteenth week of pregnancy

Until now, only Uruguay, Cuba, Guyana and parts of Mexico have allowed the partial legalisation of killing the unborn on request.

A century of legal mass extermination of the unborn

Although communism has collapsed, abortion remains a serious problem in Russia.