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Pro-life volunteers attacked by left-wing activists in Warsaw

The car of the Pro - Right to Life Foundation was stopped in the middle of a tram crossing by a group of far-left activists.

Missouri's last abortion clinic receives license

The health department has cited an “unprecedented lack of cooperation” on the part of the St. Louis clinic.

Planned Parenthood sues a church for holding services outside abortion clinic

The nation's largest abortion provider has filed a lawsuit against a church that meets outside one of its clinics in Spokane.

Ricky Martin compared surrogacy to the conception of Jesus

"I don't rent any womb. These great women have lent their wombs to help me found my own family."

The U.S. protects doctor's right to refuse abortion or "sex change"

U.S. bishops emphasise that ethical considerations should always be taken into account when it comes to legal procedures.

Abortion giant accepted millions of dollars from pornographic filmmaker

The pornographic industry relies heavily on the exploitation of women and on human trafficking.

Trump administration blasts UN abortion promotion with COVID-19 aid funds

Pro-life investigative outlet 'Live Action' expressed gratitude for the USAID chief's action.

A priest was arrested for preventing an abortion in the U.S.

U.S. government impose severe penalties on those who physically block access to facilities that murder unborn children.

Fifty-eight countries signed joint statement to support abortion during COVID-19

'Sexual and reproductive health' is an expression that encompasses abortion.

Donald Trump denies coronavirus funds to Planned Parenthood abortion business

So far, over 1.6 million businesses have received forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program.