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Pro-life senator introduces bill to require ultrasounds before abortions

Pro-life group Save the Storks says that four of five pregnant women who see one of their free ultrasounds ultimately choose life.

Columbia legalises abortion up to the sixth month of pregnancy

The highest judicial authority called the murder of an innocent child in the womb a "reproductive right."

Planned Parenthood drops lawsuit against Texas "sanctuary city" for the unborn

Planned Parenthood drops its lawsuit over the city of Lubbock’s abortion ban, ensuring that the ordinance will remain in effect.

NYC pro-abortion activists curse at churchgoers

The vandals disturbed a praying event of March for Life.

Joe Biden speaks again in favour of abortion

Biden has already declared in September that he does not believe life begins at conception.

Protests against the extendion of the period of legal abortion in France

banners were carried with the slogans "Stop pissing off embryos" and "Life is a right, not a choice".

German court agrees to hear appeal over prayer vigil ban near Planned Parenthood

Censorship of pro-life organisations is on the rise across Europe.

Activist not afraid of racking up arrests "in effort to save live"

After spending about four to five hours in custody, Bukovinac and the other pro-life activists were released.