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Abortion lobby complains about new pro-life legislation in Texas

The act is opposed, inter alia, by ten abortion centers and six organisations financing the murder of unborn children.

Planned Parenthood sex ed accused of "leading children to abortion"

Planned Parenthood boasts of being the “largest provider of sex education in the United States".

Statue of Christ vandalised with abortion slogan

A local tree service helped remove the large banner from the seven-story statue of Jesus.

British parliament rejects abortion on demand

The numerous e-mails sent to the parlament forced it to step back on this controvertial initiative

Ohio passes bill allowing doctors to refuse procedures viloting their beliefs

Last March, Arkansas passed a similar bill to provide conscience protections for the religious objections of healthcare providers.

New Hampshire enacts late-term abortion ban

Pro-abortion Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed a budget bill on Friday that bans abortion after twenty-four weeks.

Abortion rates jump significantly in England, Wales

Rise attributed to pandemic, DIY at-home terminations.

Hundreds gather for first ever Men’s March against abortion in Washington

"Men need to protect women from being wounded and [...] protect the most vulnerable, our babies," said Fr. Stephen Imbarrato.

Can abortion go from being a crime against humanity to a fundamental right?

Fr. Bortkiewicz referred to the words of left-wing MEP Sylwia Spurek, who stated that "abortion is a human right."