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Schools closed in Cameroon due to Boko Haram attack

Boko Haram is especially active in African countries, such as Nigeria Niger, Chad or Cameroon.

Police surround the churches in Gabon to impede the resumption of Masses

Weeks after shops reopened, police prevented the faithful from entering the churches that had been reopened by the bishops

Churches Attacked amid #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria

Attacks on Christians are getting more frequent amidst the protest.

Nigerian bishops support protest against police brutality and corruption

Thousands of Nigerians have demonstrated daily since October 8th, protesting against the police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Christian Killed in Plateau State

Violent and deadly attacks continue in Nigeria.

Recently released Father Macalli talks about his captivity

Days after his release , Fr Maccalli told Fides news agency about his captivity, and how he stayed connected with God.

Christian couple arrested in Somaliland

The couple was arrested after the police found some Christian documents in their home.

Mali: Missionary killed after years in captivity

The missionary had been working with women and children in Mali since the year 2000.

Boko Haram's child soldier executed a Christian student in Nigeria

Jihadists killing a Christian student seen in a recent video.

Pray for the Church in Algeria on the 18th of October

On this date, many Christians were forced to leave their church, and some of them were also detained.