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1 of 4 kidnapped Nigerian seminarians released after suffering serious injuries

He was freed because the abductors felt the boy could not survive in their hands.

We are under siege" says the Archbishop of Kaduna

"No other Country will tolerate this type of insecurity without calling for mass protests".

Order issued to close church building in Oran, Algeria, Christian leaders say

Since 2000 thousands of Algerian Muslims have put their faith in Christ.

Libya: thousands of children at risk amidst ongoing conflict

UNICEF publishes details concerning the number of children at risk amidst the violence and chaos of the ongoing conflict.

France summit: Macron and Sahel partners step up jihadist fight

French role, security set to dominate Macron's talks with leaders from Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad.

Christians persecuted in Nigeria amid deafening silence

"Every day," says Father Joseph Bature Fidelis of Maiduguri Diocese, "Our brothers and sisters are slaughtered in the streets."

Coptic woman narrowly escapes attack

Christian women in Egypt are often targeted by extremists because they do not necessarily follow the Islamic dress code.

Ethiopian Christmas celebrates National Unity

A majority Christian nation, Ethiopia still struggles with persecution

Three Christian teachers murdered in Kenya

25 killed by Al-Shabaab over the past five weeks