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Sudanese government return confiscated truck to Church, after 8 years

It also shows that they are working to return property to the churches that was confiscated illegally.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Mozambique attacks

ISIS managed to seize two towns in the Eastern African country.

First bishop known to die of coronavirus was missionary in Ethiopia

The Italian bishop of a missionary region of Ethiopia is the first Catholic bishop known to have died of the coronavirus pandemic.

Myanmar officially designates the Arakan Army as terrorist organisation

The Burmese government has officially designated the Arakan Army (AA), an ethnic rebel group, as a terrorist organisation.

Professor in prison for running Christian orphanage in Nigeria

Despite having all of the legal paperwork to operate the orphanage, it was closed down, and the professor was taken to prison.

Al Shabab is trying to expand and concentrate on mainly US targets, experts say

Al Qaeda's African branch is "gearing up" to conduct more severe attacks on specific targets, Christians among them.

Tanzanian President refuses to shut down Churches

“Corona is Satanic and cannot survive in the body of Christ, it will burn.” – Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli

Central Africa: what lies behind interreligious violence

"Coexistence has been undermined by commanders and politicians."