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7 Year Old Nigerian boy survived Fulani attack

7 Year Old Nigerian boy survived a Fulani militant attack while watching his uncle die trying to save him

Rwandan troops block pilgrims from attending Ugandan martyr celebration

Some 200 Rwandans were blocked by troops from crossing the border with Uganda to attend pilgrimage.

Brutal Mali attack claims 100 lives

The attacks are said to have taken place in a village of the Dogon ethnic group.

Another 30 Pentecostal Christians arrested in Eritrea

Thirty Christians were arrested on Monday, June 3, while praying at nondenominational churches in Eritrea

5 Christians killed by Fulani militants in Nigeria on May 26th

The following day on May 27th, Fulani also killed six members of a single family.

Nun decapitated in Central African Republic

Besides her, more than 30 people were killed in the past two weeks

Christian woman disappeared near Cairo

A Christian woman, mother of three has disappeared near Cairo after the family says Islamists kidnapped her off the streets.

Actor in Aladdin is a Coptic Christian

After Rami Malek another star with Coptic Christian roots has emerged from the Hollywood scene

Fourth Church Attacked in Burkina Faso in Past Month

Gunmen attacked a catholic church in Burkina Faso on the 26th of May

Another 25 soldiers murdered by Boko-Haram in Nigeria

It was the second deadly attack this week in the country.