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At least 100 people have killed lately in Burkina Faso massacre

As many as 3,000 people fled to neighboring Dori, where aid agencies are located, a local official said.

Nigerian terrorists continue to attack Christiam churches

On June 12, another 11 Christians were killed in Benue State’s Igama community in the Okpokwu Local Government Area.

Fulani herdsmen attacked Nigeria’s Benue State

Benue has been repeatedly targeted by Fulani who have become radicalised because of its strategic position in Nigeria

Coptic Christian brutally murdered by a known radical

Violence like this against Christians in Egypt has increased recently.

A Nigerian priest was kidnapped

There is still not any word on his status.

32 Nigerians killed in attack by radical militants

The Adara Development Association reported that 28 villagers have been buried.

Nigerian blasphemy killing sparks international outrage

Recently, the unjust nature of blasphemy killings has received international disapproval.

Thousands of Christians gather in Nigeria to pray after Fulani attacks

The gathering was attended by the Plateau State governor, his deputy, and the speaker of the State Legislature.

50 people have been killed by unknown attackers in Burkina Faso

In January, Burkina Faso’s president was overthrown by army officers who were upset about the increasing amounts of attacks.

Fulani militants kill three Christians after church service

The militants were dressed in black and Nigerian army uniforms.