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Pope Francis and King Mohammed VI make historic appeal for Jerusalem

The appeal recognizes the “uniqueness and sacredness of Jerusalem, a common heritage of humanity”

Pope extols interreligious dialogue as a means to combat terrorism

Pope: "Religious minorities should be treated as full citizens regardless of their number."

"No regrets– I would do it a hundred times over!" ​

A Senegalese man, Ousseynou Sy, who hijacked a bus in Italy with 51 children on board refuses to apologise for his actions.

Christian Clergy among Those Caught in Wave of Kidnappings in Nigeria

A Protestant pastor and a Catholic priest in two different states in north-central Nigeria were kidnapped

Miracle in Nigeria, God saved the life of Christian Children

Four men were shot in front of their friends and families for refusing to proclaim Islam

Pope Francis donates 150 thousand euro to the victims of the Idai cyclone

Latest reports put the death toll at 300, thousands more were injured and many others had to leave their homes due to the flooding

Another 10 Christians Killed in Kaduna State, in Nigeria

Since February 10, there have been at least 270 people killed in Kaduna State alone.

Two priests were assassinated in Africa, on the same day

Two tragic deaths happened in Africa, just after the kidnapping of Abbot Joël Yougbaré

Five people killed in extremist attack

Somali minister among five killed by extremist attack in Mogadishu