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Video: Christians rejoice after the removal of Sudan's president

The local Christians spirits have been raised in hope

Extremists Single Out Coptic Christian Farmers

It was painful to see my animals burning and suffering, and I was disabled to help them

Pope Francis hosted rival South Sudanese leaders on “spiritual retreat"

The meeting is meant to help solidify a faltering peace agreement, which may lead to a papal visit to the troubled country

25 years after the genocide, a woman managed to forgive her children’s assassin

The propaganda of Huhu: “eliminate the cockroaches” was diffused in the RTML radio, and also in some newspapers.

Resignation of Algerian President Questions the Future of Christians

With no date set for a new election, Christians in Algeria know that the result of the elections is unpredictable.

Burkina Faso: Over 60 dead in a terrorist attack

In Burkina Faso, tensions periodically degenerate into violence between the Fulani and indigenous farmers.

Violence and persecution against Christians growing in Chad

Christians in the Muslim-majority nation of Chad are facing increasing levels of persecution from local officials

Christian missionaries help Fulani in need

The presence of missionaries in Kongo also includes works of human promotion, alongside pastoral activities.

Somalia: unrest fuels humanitarian crisis concerns Christians too

Christians aren’t immune from Somalia’s instability. In fact, it’s a contributing factor to their persecution.

Pope Francis in Morocco: no proselytism

The Pope warns against converting others in Islamic Morocco