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The West African Court asks Nigeria to protect the Christians in the country

“The Nigerian government was in violation of its obligation to protect the human rights of these communities,”

Nigerian Archbishop Urges International Effort to End Religious Extremism

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama works to advance religious freedom and genuine dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

Egyptian churches are supervised by the government

More than 700 Christian places of worship are waiting for regularization.

23 people died in an attack in Somalia

The Al-Shabaab terrorist group assumed responsibility

The top five African countries where Christians are most persecuted

14 African countries are on Open Door's World Watch List of Persecution

Evangelising through cinema: 50 years of the Pan-African Festival

Today, cinema is also an essential path of evangelization in Africa.

Muslim Extremists Murder Over 30 Nigerian Christians

Another devastating attack by the fulanis

Rami Malek is referred to as Arabian by the international press

There is a small problem here - he is Copt, not Arabian

The Archbishop of Rabat: "Let's get ready to welcome the Pope"

From the 30th to the 31th March, Pope Francis will visit Morocco