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Church consecration in Aleppo

The congregation of the Reformed Armenian Betel Church has been renewed with Hungarian help.

“The Syrian people have been brutally driven into poverty"- an ACN interview

ACN's interview with Jesuit Antoine Audo, the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo in Syria.

Syrian Christians suffer from international sanctions

Speaking to Vatican Radio, Fr. Ibrahim Asabagh affirmed that "Syrians suffer more now than during the nine years of the war."

Syria: Cathedral rises up from the ashes of persecution

A restored cathedral in Aleppo, which was bombed, is to be officially re-opened – a sign of the enduring presence of Christianity

Ancient artefacts are being destroyed in the Syrian war

Christian historical settlements located in the northwestern part of Syria are being demolished in the conflict.

In Aleppo, Syria, COVID-19 adds to ongoing suffering of Christians

The majority of the Christian families are surviving thanks to the support of the local Church and the help of organizations.

Today the Christian Church prays for the priests kidnapped in Syria in 2013

The Christian Church in Aleppo organises an ecumenical prayer service for the release of the kidnapped priests.

The number of Christians in Syria decreases every year

In Syria, the number of Christians was estimated to be less than 500,000 in mid-2017, compared to 1.5 million before the war.

Vicar of Aleppo: the hope of the Risen Christ is alive

"The message of the risen Christ is an invitation not to lose hope, but to live these moments with joy despite the difficulties."

How Franciscans in Syria are helping kids heal from war trauma

"Lots of them lost parents, some of them had mutilation, losing hands or legs, and they are afraid of everything."