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Algerian Christians fear new religious discrimination

Six churches have been forced to close one of which is home to the head of l’Eglise Protestante d’Algerie (EPA).

A statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Algeria

The statue at the cave of Our Lady of Santa Cruz d'Oran, was overturned and its stone base damaged.

US congressmen urge Algerian government to reopen churches

“These closures are a clear hindrance to the free practice and exercise of religion”, the politicians say to the President.

US leaders denounce Christian persecution in Algeria

ICC assures it will not relent in their efforts to see Christians in Algeria once again free to assemble and worship.

Algeria’s religious minorities are being restricted

An agenda is at play which seeks to persecute, limit, and oppress Algeria’s religious minorities - especially Christians.

Algeria: new Constitution to protect Islamic identity

Christian leaders report that they have not been asked to share their thoughts regarding the amendments.

French government preocuppied with the situation of Christians in Algeria

The Protestant Church of Algeria considers itself "under increasing pressure and intimidation".

Order issued to close church building in Oran, Algeria, Christian leaders say

Since 2000 thousands of Algerian Muslims have put their faith in Christ.

Protestant Church closed down in Algeria

No protestant churches in Algeria have received official legal status so far

Resignation of Algerian President Questions the Future of Christians

With no date set for a new election, Christians in Algeria know that the result of the elections is unpredictable.