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Biden administration reconsidering abortion pill regulations

Pro-abortion groups praised the Biden administration for reconsidering federal safety regulations of the abortion pill regimen.

Indiana supreme court dismissed lawsuit against archdiocese

"The government can’t punish the Catholic Church for asking Catholic educators to support Catholic teaching”.

Father asks Argentine court to prevent abortion of his child

"Now I hope, please understand, that I just want to give my child the chance to live,” he told AM 1020 radio.

Remaining kidnapped Catholic clergy in Haiti finally released

The remaining seven of the 10 Catholic leaders kidnapped in Haiti on April 11 have been released and are in good health.

The first international Congress United for Life to be organised in Colombia

The international congress will take place on the 1st of May

Italian lay missionary murdered in Peru

Nadia de Munari, a 50-year-old Italian lay missionary in Peru, died after being attacked in her residence.

Twelve-year-old martyr boy beatified in Guatemala

Ten martyrs, among them a twelve-year-old boy, were beatified on the 23rd April, in Guatemala.

Three out of the five kidnapped priests released in Haiti

Kidnappers threaten to starve the others unless one million dollar ransom is paid.

Some countries used coronavirus pandemic against religious minorities

Some countries used the COVID-19 pandemic to target religious minorities last year, a federal commission revealed on Wednesday.

Haitian police teargas Catholic Mass

The Mass was intended to draw attention to the country’s recent surge in violence.