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Obama, Clinton, Democrats identify Christians as "Easter Worshippers"

Obama, Clinton, Democrats denounce attacks on "Easter Worshippers," not ‘Christians’

Man with gasoline and lighter fluid entering St. Patrick's Cathedral in custody

It comes just two days after flames ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

A Brazilian clothes shop stops selling clothes that offend Christian sentiments

A T-shirt that depicts the Virgin Mary, with a skeletal head instead of her face, is not to be sold in Brazil anymore.

Kermit Gosnell's horror abortions could be legal in today's New York

Gosnell, the movie screened in the White House six weeks after Senate Democrats voted for infanticide

Mexican president considers abortion referendum

López Obrador is unlikely to push for legalization now, as he needs Catholic Church to help fight violence.

Peruvian bishops asked to investigate the death of a British religious

Brother Paul was well known in the locality for his commitment to protecting the environment and the indigenous peoples.

A Yale of a Controversy over Faith

New nondiscrimination policy discriminates Christians

Quebec moves to ban the wearing of religious symbols by public workers

The “secularism bill” would apply to Muslim headscarves, Catholic crosses and Jewish skullcaps

Seventeen thousand people signed a petition to remove "Abortion Virgin"

The “artwork” was erected in Buenos Aires, as part of a feminist exposition

Hollywood celebrities threaten boycott of Georgia over heartbeat abortion bill

A group of about 50 actors signed an open letter addressed to Gov. Brian Kemp