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Church vandalised in Argentina

The El Bolson Church was vandalised by members of the indigenous population of the Andes mountain range.

Missing Catholic priest was found safe and sound in Mexico

Fr. Francisco Núñez Martinez’s sister announced that the priest has been found alive, five days after his disappearance.

Washington: Two churches burn in an arson attack

A Baptist and Catholic church buildings were damaged by fires in arson attacks Sunday morning in Washington.

An American girl was forced to remove her 'Jesus loves me' mask

According to her parents, the school violated her constitutional rights, and they have filed a lawsuit against the school.

How would a Biden Administration affect religious freedom in the world?

An analysis about how a Biden Administration would affect the situation of religious freedom in the world.

US divorce rate historically high while marriage rate continues to fall

Institute for Family Studies found that the U.S. marriage rate in 2019 hit an unprecedented low. 

Hundreds of monuments will be lit in red for the persecuted Christians

Red Week will be held between the 18th and the 25th of November, to draw attention to the persecution of Christians.

Catholic church damaged by rioters in Portland

A dozen protestors have already been arrested.

Mexico: Catholic community is searching for missing missionary

The community is campaigning for the rescue of the priest, under the hashtag #TodosSomosPadrePaco.