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U.S. Senators: India should be designated as a "country of particular concern"

According to USCIRF, India should be considered amongst the world’s worst violators.

United States: Catholic cathedral was vandalised in El Paso

On Tuesday, a statue of Jesus was destroyed at St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso, Texas.

Asia Bibi asks Pakistan's Prime Minister to protect minorities in the country

"I suffered terribly and lived through so many difficulties, but now I am free."

El-Salvador: A former colonel was imprisoned for killing five Jesuits in 1989

The Jesuit priests in El-Salvador were working on fomenting peace between the two sides during the civil war.

A man was arrested for vandalising a Catholic church in Louisiana

It was easy to identify and arrest the protagonist, as the church is equipped with security cameras.

Feminists try to attack families by eliminating the father's role

A child who was brought up without a father is five times more likely to commit suicide.

Stolen tabernacle was found in Canada

The Eucharist was not found in the tabernacle, but because it was in a body of water, it may have dissolved.

A church was desecrated and the priest threatened in Brazil

The sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi was also vandalised.

Brazil: Sunday dedicated to persecuted Christians is drawing near

Every year the Church in Brazil dedicates a Sunday to persecuted Christians.

A young altar server was murdered in Brazil

On the 24th of August, a young altar server of the Parish of Saint Peter of Fortaleza was shot dead on the street.