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Colombian kidnapping victim says God is faithful

She spent 453 days in captivity. And she says that God’s grace kept her hope alive during the ordeal.

U.S. religious freedom ambassador calls for release of prisoners of conscience

"Very crowded, unsanitary conditions” faced by some prisoners is a nightmare scenario during a pandemic."

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested and says he also gets death threats

The Pastor was arrested Monday for what officials say was the violation of a "safer-at-home" order, Then shots were heard.

Pew Research finds - Coronavirus religious bump: More Americans praying

More than half of adults in the US — 55% — say they have prayed for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Pew Research

Catholic leaders urge bishops to increase access to sacraments during pandemic

'Something is wrong with a culture that allows abortion clinics and liquor stores to remain open but shuts down places of worship.

Trump, Pence join 700 pastors in prayer call during coronavirus outbreak

"I want to thank you for praying for our country and for those who are sick,” the president said.

Priest offers drive-thru confession during coronavirus pandemic

A priest in Maryland is offering drive-thru confessions during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Peruvian bishop rescinds permission for confession by phone

For some days, priests of his diocese could hear sacramental confessions by telephone, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to deal with a new, religiously indifferent America?

We’re living in the midst of a second Reformation. The Church in the United States is about to face a very painful contraction.

Argentine bishops hold pro-life Mass as president plans to legalize abortion

The Mas Vida Foundation estimated the attendance at more than 100,000 people.