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North American missionaries kidnapped in Haiti along with their families

A U.S. Christian aid organization on Sunday said a group of its missionaries had been kidnapped in Haiti.

Denver cathedral desecrated with satanist slogans

A spokesperson for Denver Police confirmed that the department is investigating the incident.

Feminists set a church on fire during holy Mass in Columbia

"The people were panicked as the doors started to burn. The faithful thought that they would burn inside the church".

Dating app flaunts 'pro-choice' badge and also supports Planned Parenthood

Users can support Planned Parenthood with $1 by adding the 'pro-choice badge.'

The second annual March for the Martyrs took place on Saturday

“The reason that people don't care about Christian persecution is that they just don't know it's happening."

Students relieve church burnt down by far-left in Chile

Sixty Christian religious buildings have been vandalised in Chile since the fall of 2019.

The house of a priest who criticised the Cuban government was attacked

The house of a priest in the province Camagüey, in Colombia, was attacked by vandals after he criticised the governing regime.

Statue depicting John Paul II was demolished in Mexico

The local Catholic community is shocked by the event.