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AMA calls to remove sex ID from birth certificates

Catholic doctors expressed their disproval of the initiative.

Singer of Skillet: "I was promised fame if I stop talking about Jesus"

"He was trying … to get me to be quiet, and it had the opposite effect.”

Adoption agency rejcted the demand of a couple for their Christian values

"We also said that that we didn’t agree that we should simply let the child dress as the other gender.”

Priest killed by criminal gang in Haiti

According to the police, this gang has already killed 5 police officers.

Joe Biden does not believe any more that life begins at conception

President Joe Biden said that he does not believe life begins at conception - contradicting his previous statements on the subject

A Mexican priest murdered in his church in the state of Morelos

The previous parish priest killed in Mexico had been killed in June 2021. It was Father Father Juan Antonio Orozco Alvarado.

Four martyrs of El Salvador to be beatified

The four men will be beatified on the 22nd of January.

Mrs Universe 2021 was nearly aborted

American Mrs Universe is a pro-life advocate.

Some facts about the situation of Christians in Afganistan

Even before the takeover of the Taliban, Christians were at-risk in Afghanistan.

Despite her Catholic faith, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is "pro-choice"

Simone Biles is described as a "devouted Catholic", however, in a Twitter comment she revealed that she is "pro-choice".