Tag: Anti-Christian activities

A church in Italy vandalised with obscene symbols

The Chapel of the Crosses is the only national monument in the city.

The chapel of a hospital seriously desecrated in France

Despite the deterioration of the place of worship a Mass was celebrated inside the chapel on the 30th of March.

Vandals smash window of a church in Italy

Acts of vandalism targeting churches are increasing across Europe during this period of Easter.

Unknown perpetrators devastated dozens of children's graves in Poland

Devastation of cemeteries happens on a regular basis in Poland. In some cases, the perpetrators are looking for valuable items.

Church wall smeared with threatning slogans in Western Poland

The perpetrators could face up to five years in jail.

Another statue of St John Paul II vandalised in Poland

Acts of vandalism targeting the Polish saint have been multiplying in the last year in his home country.

A young provocateur disrupted Mass in a Polish basilica in Krakow

The twenty-year-old girl was handed over to the police.

Christian family expelled from village in India

Devi and her family live in the woods outside of the village with no sustainable source of income.

New publication depicts anti-Christian hostility in India

While violence against Christians used to be rare, it has seen a significant increase in recent years in India.