Tag: Anti-Christian activities

Far-left activists attacked a Catholic procession in Paris

French Catholics have been subjected to persecution since the eighteenth century.

Warsaw church vandalised by pro-abortion radicals

The attack shows that their primary intention was to disfigure the church located in the center of the city.

Life size cross stolen in England

The stolen crucifix has now been validated to be £20,000 worth since it carries a sculpture of Jesus Christ.  

A church in Eastern Germany has been vandalised

The damage amounts up to two thousand Euros.

Church vandalised in Northern Italy

Windows of the San Bernardo church were smashed in with stones.

Holy Mary figurine destroyed in southern Poland

“The chapel wasn’t touched even by German Nazis during the war,” says a member of local authorities.

A Belgian deconsecrated church to be transformed into a dance school

In one year, forty Catholic churches in Belgium were deconsecrated and turned into hotels, restaurants or cultural centres.

Easter service interrupted by three young Muslims in Germany

The State Security Service has started an investigation for disturbing the exercise of religion.