Tag: Anti-Christian activities

Prosecutor sues media for unlawful hunt against Card. George Pell in Australia

Cardinal George Pell has spent four hundred and five days in prison since his appeal was rejected.

Another church has been vandalised in France

French churches and other Christian symbols are being targeted by vandals on a weekly basis in France.

Republican politician billed $4,700 for olive oil poured on Capitol steps

Matt Shea's act was part of a Christian group’s response to a Satanist demonstration that took place earlier around the building.

Cardinal Müller: "Some forces want to use a pandemic to suppress the church"

"Why would going to the church be more dangerous than going to the supermarket?" wonders the German Prelate

A man disturbed Masses in Poland by attacking priests and the faithful

The young man who has been arrested could face up to twelve years of imprisonment.

Lawmakers urge Pentagon to protect Christians in military

Religious restrictions have increased in the USA amid the pandemic.

A statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Algeria

The statue at the cave of Our Lady of Santa Cruz d'Oran, was overturned and its stone base damaged.

Catholic school suffers graffiti attack in France

France has been facing many anti-Christian attacks in the last months.

Polish town of Sanok faces anti-Christian vandalism

The arrested man was under the influence of alcohol.

The cross of Pic Saint-Loup has been cut down in France

A first attempt to cut down this cross dates back to 1989.