Tag: Anti-Christian activities

French cathedral subjected to politically-motivated vandalism

The new project of law on bioethics raises several controversies among the French population.

Anti-Christian incidents in France rose by 285% since 2008

The situation of Christianity in France has become more and more alarming in the last decade.

Six Christian families in India receive ultimatum to renounce their faith

Six Christian families have received an ultimatum from the Latehar District Police of Jharkhand state to leave the village.

Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus stolen in Belgium.

This statue of Christ had just been restored last month.

Connecticut church desecrated by anarchists

This act of vandalism marks the eleventh attack on Christian symbols in the U.S. during the last two months.

French Antifa rejoice after the Nantes Cathedral fire

A dozen buildings fell victim of flames provoked by criminals in France in the last years.

There are anti-Christian attacks in France every day

"There are one or two anti-Christian attacks in France every day, and a cathedral has to be burnt to start to talk about them."

A statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Belgium

The statue has been severely damaged, the face being particularly mutilated.

A statue of Christ has been decapitated in Miami

Last Wednesday morning, the statue was discovered knocked over and missing its head.

Large cross from a German church has been desecrated

The church of Sacred Heart of Jesus is located on a small hill. A wide staircase leads to the main entrance.