Tag: Anti-Christian activities

Repeated attacks on US Catholics raise questions among bishops

The USCCB has dedicated a page on its website listing news stories of vandalism by month.

Church vandalised "for religious reasons" in Germany

The police have filed a complaint of damage to property.

New report shows rise of anti-Catholic vandalism across the US

On the 11th of October, unknown perpetrators sprayed paint on the facade of St. Peter in Los Angeles.

Statue of the Virgin Mary toppled in Warsaw

The statue was tied with a telephone cable, which indicates that the vandalism was intentional.

Polish church severely vandalised in Poland

The police opened an investigation.

Two individuals in prison for desecration of graves in Benin

The two individuals will be at the helm in late October to be determined on their fate.

Armed man arrested near a church in Paris

The man was already known for minor law infringements.

Anti-Christian tags on a church in Poitiers, France

The local authorities are showing indifference and do not intend to remove them.