Tag: Anti-Christian activities

Card. George Pell: "War on Christianity is real. I experienced it the hard way"

Cardinal George Pell has spent four hundred and five days in prison since his appeal was rejected.

Book review: ‘Peace in Iraq’ is best remaining hope for country’s Christians

Author Stephen Rasche's new book is titled: 'The Disappearing People: The Tragic Fate of Christians in the Middle East',

In Holy Land, Churches denounce persistent anti-Christian attacks

For the past ten years there has been a notable increase in the number of anti-Christian attacks and incidents in the Holy Land

Pastor tied to tree and beaten for hours by extremists in Southern India

The police failed to file a criminal case against the radicals that broke into the church and assailed the Christians.

Statues of Christ forcibly removed in India

Statues of Jesus and crosses were removed from a Christian burial ground in Karnataka state, India by the government on March 2.

Indian Evangelist’s family beaten in his absence

Indian evangelists’s mother, wife and 11-month-old son were beaten when he was not found at home.

Over one thousand anti-Christian acts reported in France last year

The Interior Ministry issued a statement compiling anti-Christian acts committed in France in 2019.

French "singer" who mocked Christ on air apologizes to... the LGBT community

It is not Frederic Fromet's first provocation against Christians.

Europe: anti-Christian attacks reach all-time high in 2019

The research shows that roughly 3,000 Christian churches, schools, cemeteries and monuments were vandalized

Over a hundred church attacks in Syria since start of civil war

"The Syrian regime has always invoked good slogans, but on the ground it has done the opposite," said SNHR chairman