Tag: Anti-Christian activities

The windows of a church in Leipzig have been destroyed once again

Anti-Christian vandalism has been on the rise for several years in Germany.

A bronze cross has been torn off and stolen from a German cathedral

The theft was reported to the police, which opened an investigation to find the burglars.

The doors of a church have been glued together in a German town

The police were alerted and started an investigation to find the ones responsible for the vandalistic act.

A Catholic church has been vandalised in Germany

The property damage is estimated to be in the four-digit euro range.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been vandalised in a Polish town

Anti-Christian vandalism is on the rise in Poland.

A van belonging to a Catholic help group has been vandalised with graffiti

It is the 7th time that a vehicule belonging to the Catholic help organisation has been targeted by such vandalism.

A German Catholic church has been severely vandalised

People taking care of the church were shocked by the incident.

Christian homes and stores have been set on fire in Nigeria

Attacks committed against so-called blasphemy have plagued Nigeria in the past month

Anti-clerical activists disrupted a Mass in a Polish town

Some in the square tried to stop the protestors and were shocked by their presence.