Tag: Anti-Christian activities

Tens of thousand of anti-Christian attacks in the last twelve years in Nigeria

The report states that 43,000 Christians have been killed by Nigerian Islamic radicals in the last twelve years,

A dozen parishes robbed and desecrated in the DRC

The desecration in the diocese of Mbuji-Mayi were condemned by Prime Minister Sama Lukonde Kyenge.

Ten Canadian churches subjected to vandalism in the last days

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the attacks “unacceptable,” but also “fully understandable.”

A statue of John Paul II vandalised in Canada

The hate crimes and violent extremism unit has been notified of the vandalism, police said.

Four Catholic churches destroyed in suspicious fires in Canada

Chief Keith Crow of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band told the media that both churches were destroyed by fires at about 4 a.m.

Young man charged for the defacing of a church in Poland

The man is additionally being charged for insulting religious feelings, which could add another two years of imprisonment.

Man arrested for torturing six monks out of hatred against the church

The man did not give any information at first, but in the meantime has agreed to cooperate and confessed to the crime.

Far-left activists attacked a Catholic procession in Paris

French Catholics have been subjected to persecution since the eighteenth century.

Warsaw church vandalised by pro-abortion radicals

The attack shows that their primary intention was to disfigure the church located in the center of the city.